Look How Far We’ve Come – Year 2016 in Review

Corporate and Unique Field Marketers Limited known for short as “CUFM” is an indigenous company, which made waves in Nigeria in the year, 2016.

If you were left out of the happenings around this fresh pool in the oasis, you can sit back and relax as you catch up on our last year’s activities after which you have the opportunity to tap in early to this year’s interesting packages.

So CUFM had her pre-Lunch at Sheraton Hotel in April 2016 with over 300 anxious associates in attendance. By the 10th of May 2016, CUFM launched officially, by which time our smart associates took hold of the opportunity to leverage against the 2016 economic challenges.

CUFM had her first Presenters Training in June, 2016 for persons from all walks of life and from various parts of the country. The training produced about 30 persons who qualified as CUFM’s presenters(See pictures below) First Presenters Training


In December 2016, CUFM rounded off the year with a second Presenters training program, thereby producing an additional 20 persons who are ready to storm the year 2017 and subdue it financially(See pictures below)

By the month of August 2016, the company had opened a branch office in eastern Nigeria; Tecno Blue House, 85, Douglas Rd. Owerri, Imo State. A third branch of our office is in western Nigeria, and is located at Block H2, Suite 1-3 Trade Fair complex, Expoyo, Opposite Ventura Plaza, U.I. Road, Sango, Ibadan.

In addition to the monthly earnings of CUFM members, laptops and projectors were issued to qualified members and presenters to ease their presentation of the CUFM amazing Compensation plan.

CUFM also got her under-writers to pay the death benefit of a deceased CUFM associate who had an accident in Jos, within the space of a month.
The CUFM Associate in this instance was an artisan and his widow, a trader. The CUFM Group Life Benefit therefore went a long way to help with getting the late associates children back to school as well as meeting other needs of the family left behind.(See picture below)

Normally, it is a cumbersome experience to process the necessary document that enables the administration of a deceased estate in Nigeria, but with our associates, left behind loved ones cannot be stranded as families of our associates have the death benefits of their departed loved ones to cater for their immediate needs.”

Because at CUFM we are interested in the welfare of our associates, we embarked on road shows in October to educate the public of the existence of our amazing opportunities and to help associates push their CUFM businesses. The road show afforded CUFM associates the opportunity to meet and sign up more people than they would have met on their own within such short time. (See pictures below)

Our current state…

CUFM runs a platform where every person who signs up into her Jumbo Benefit scheme enjoys a life of financial ease in addition to being given a life cover. In 2016, the company rounded the year off with over 6,000 members on her platform.

To start the year 2017 in grand style, new year promotional items are being given out and a car program is currently running at a lower qualification rate.

There are plans in place to encourage and motivate our members. From more flexible Jumbo plans, different holiday promotions and campaigns, to more episodes of the presenters training, you can be certain that we have got you covered this year.

So what are you still waiting for? Act smart and avail yourself of this opportunity. It is another way to beat every economic uncertainty that may come with the year.

If you manage a company, be a smart executive, instead of approaching an insurance company to cover your members of staff, sign your company up. That way both the corporate person and the staff can enjoy our living benefits as well as the insurance cover.

Stay tuned for more news…

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