F . A . Q

What is CUFM

CUFM stands for Corporate and Unique Field Marketers

Is CUFM duly registered in Nigeria; or Govt Approved?

CUFM is legitimately registered with corporate affairs commission (CAC) with RC NO. RC:1332033

Aim of the company? The founder?

Our aim is the empowerment of people for wealth creation, closing the gap between the rich and the poor by providing a leveraging platform for everyone to become prosperous.

How much do I need to join CUFM?

We have two (2) amazing packages that suit all budgets;

i. first is the Premium package #10.000,

ii. second is the Infinite package #15.000

All require a ONE-TIME PAYMENT

What is CUFM into?

CUFM operates a group family shield Underwritten by FBN Insurance.

Must I refer people to earn bonus?

You will be expected to refer a minimum of four (4) people. But actually your income in CUFM begins from the very first person

What do I stand to gain if I’m unable to refer someone?

CUFM is a two in one opportunity, first is the assurance underwritten by FBN Insurance and the second is the Business benefit. Your assurance is automatic once your membership fee is paid, while the business is optional. You must refer someone to start earning.

How often do I pay this membership fee?


What makes CUFM different from other MLM company?

NO autoship, No break away, No monthly p.v, No product hawking, No balancing of legs

What categories of people are eligible to join CUFM?

Anybody can participate regardless of age, tribe, religion or educational background. except that, to qualify for FBN Insurance cover, the deceased CUFM member MUST be between ages 18-64 years

Can I insure my properties under this scheme?

NO!!! the CUFM opportunity focuses on providing ONLY Life cover for its members

Can CUFM members enjoy critical illness benefits, permanent disability benefit etc …. Under this scheme?

NO!!! our members are only entitled to a death benefit of #500,000 upon natural or accidental death

Can a member who wants to discontinue get his/her investment back?

YES!!! Members who want to discontinue can only get their investment back within 7days of such payment, by sending a mail to the company’s email, info@cufmnigeria.com

Has FBN Insurance paid any claim to CUFM member under this scheme?

YES!!! FBN Insurance is known for prompt payment of claim, they have paid up to 4claims to CUFM members within the past one year.